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Friday, January 4, 2019

  • Taxpayers watched in amazement last year as cities big and small competed to see who could give the biggest subsidy to Amazon. And that wasn’t the only one. Charles Blain reports large corporations are scrambling to get special perks and cash handouts — all paid for by you, the hardworking taxpayer. The problem shows no signs of slowing, which reinforces the need for the legislature to allow the enabling law to expire this coming session.
  • For example, the Houston suburb of Katy just approved a 40-percent, 10-year tax abatement on a 43-acre tract of land for Glazer’s Wine and Spirits of Texas. If property tax relief is so good for Glazer’s Wine and Spirits, why isn’t it good for everyone else?
  • ObamaCare has been ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge, which Robert Henneke of the Texas Public Policy Foundation describes as an opportunity to craft something better. “The truth is that the ACA is broken, and has been from the start.”
  • Just a few days before the Texas legislature is set to gavel in, State Rep.-Elect Mayes Middleton has filed priority legislation, House Bill 281, to end tax-funded lobbying.Brandon Waltens reports the Republican Party of Texas added it to its list of legislative priorities during its convention last June, and Gov. Greg Abbott has recently voiced his support for ending the practice.
  • “We must act to ensure tax dollars are spent responsibly and not placed into the hands of big government Austin lobbyists.” – State Rep.-elect Mayes Middleton (R-Wallisville)
  • In this week’s Texas Scorecard Radio, Tony McDonald interviews Gun Owners of America’s Rachel Malone about legislation important to Second Amendment activists.  
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  • Erin Anderson profiles Sharron Albertson, who can teach conservative Texans a lot about making a difference in their communities.
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  • “Currently, in spite of consistently higher high school graduation rates, which are almost totally meaningless, over 50% of Texas high school graduates require remedial courses when entering a community college.” – Jim Windham, ‘The Texas Education Challenge’
  • “[Houston] ISD leadership is a disaster. Their self-centered ineptitude has failed the children they are supposed to educate. If ever there was a school board that needs to be taken over and reformed it’s HISD. Their students & parents deserve change.” – Gov. Greg Abbott

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