Aristotle Wins $12.2M to Deploy Broadband in Rural Areas
by Arkansas Business Staff on Wednesday, Sep. 5, 2018 10:13 am 1 min read

Elizabeth Bowles

The FCC announced Wednesday that Aristotle Unified Communications of Little Rock has won at $12.2 million award at its Connect America Fund (CAF) Phase II auction.

The money will be used to deploy broadband into unserved rural areas in Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri and Oklahoma.

Aristotle, a provider of internet service provider and voice-over-IP phone systems, is one of 103 companies nationwide to win an award.

“Throughout its 25 years in business, Aristotle has been committed to bringing broadband connectivity to rural communities,” Aristotle President Elizabeth Bowles said in a news release. “This award will facilitate more rapid deployment of broadband into areas such as the Arkansas Delta that have historically been overlooked by phone companies and large broadband providers.”

Bowles is also a member of the federal Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee. The committee’s goal is to increase high-speed internet access nationwide and close the digital divide between urban and rural America.

And the Connect America Fund Phase II auction is part of a broader commitment by the FCC to improve the state of broadband in rural America. Funding guidelines require that providers build out 40 percent of the awarded areas by the third year and that all work in those areas be completed by the sixth year following the award.

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