A special message from Dr. Coburn

A good doctor treats diseases, rather than just hiding symptoms.

Giving government more of your money just hides the symptoms of poor leadership. Here in Oklahoma, there are politicians looking for “recurring revenue”—tax increases that take money from you—to hide government’s embarrassing failures.

I described a better way in the Sunday issue of The Oklahoman: “In Oklahoma, treat the cause of the problem.”

With federal and state investigators still trying to unravel the corruption at the State Department of Health and as agencies continue giving away our tax dollars to big wind corporations and Hollywood moguls, it takes a lot of gumption to demand that Oklahoma families pay higher taxes.

Taxpayers deserve reforms first, not as an afterthought. We deserve a government that works for us, not one that takes more and more from us to cover up for insiders’ mistakes. I hope you’ll take a moment to read my op-ed, and please feel free to share on social media.

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