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A landmark decision came through last Friday from the International Trade Commission. The judges ruled 4-0 in favor of American solar panel manufacturer Suniva in the Section 201 Petition. This long awaited decision addresses the ongoing flood of cheap, imported solar cells and panels into the US market. The scope of the ruling is unclear, as it was ruled under a controversial and long dormant trade case last used in 1982. There are certain political undertones present, as some recent discourse has trended towared a desire to help American manufacturers as well as a general apathy towards clean energy.

Much speculation has occurred, but the outcome and thus its effects, are not clear at all. The consensus is that it would hurt the American solar industry overall, but other say it could lead to the creation of many new solar manufacting jobs here in the US. Read more on the OREC website.

—OREC / AEE Joint Energy Conference: We have officially started to work on the 3rd annual OREC / AEE Joint Energy Conference. The date will be announced before November 1st, but is expected to be the first of second week of January, 2018. If you would like to contribute to the Oklahoma Renewable Energy Council, please consider becoming a volunteer to help OREC put on this important conference. We will need help finding guest speakers, corporate sponsors as well as volunteers for the day of the conference.

—CEC Field trip report: Several OREC members were present for the first field trip of the year, to tour Central Electric Cooperative in Stillwater. Stereotypically, rural electric cooperatives are known to be more conservative and slow moving organizations. We quickly learned that CEC does not fit any stereotype. We saw a robot with facial recognition, a drone with 1080p cameras, a self-driving electric vehicle, a solar farm and a Tesla battery array all around their new, LEED Gold certified building. Check out the photos on our Facebook page.

—Do you work full time? Most of us do, so we’re finding a new way to network through OREC. It’s a new event, we’re calling “Renewabrews” – October 5th, from 5:30 – 8 pm – In OKC, we’ll be at Blue Garten in midtown; in Tulsa we’ll be at Fuel 66 on 11th street. We’re trying to bring together cool people interested in renewable energy, energy efficiency and other complimentary technologies over local brews. If you’re in OKC or Tulsa, send us an email at OREC2006@gmail.com to get involved with Renewabrews. NO SIGNUP, JUST SHOWUP 🙂

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