Harvey Shows Best of Texas By Zach Maxwell

As private citizens, there’s no firm obligation to get our hands dirty when disaster strikes, to help our neighbor in their time of need, to sacrifice time, talent, and treasure on behalf of others.

But that’s what Texans did.

Despite just looking after themselves and tend to their own families, they sprang into action to help others.

While Texas’ own first responders worked admirably and assiduously to help those in need they were vastly outnumbered by an army of volunteers— thousands of private citizens across the Lone Star State who mobilized their own trucks, trailers, and trout boats and placed themselves in harm’s way to help their fellow man. It was these brave, noble, and self-sacrificing citizens that showed Texas can not only hold its own in a fight against a hurricane’s fury, rising tides, and torrential floods—but that it can win.

Yet the fight isn’t over.

Families are still grieving the loss of loved ones. Prayers and support are still desperately needed. Homes are still flooded and people still need rescue. There is so much more to do, but Texans are up to the task.

“In a time like this, there are no party divisions, there are no lines dividing us. We’re Texans.”
– Sen. Ted Cruz

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