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The 2017 Fiscal Responsibility Index is out and Accountability Season has begun!\

If you haven’t had a chance to look at how your legislators performed this year in Austin I’d encourage you to do so.

Empower Texans works year-round to ensure taxpayers know what their elected officials are up to, and the Fiscal Responsibility Index is one of the premier tools we utilize to do so. As the most widely-known and trust rating system for Texas lawmakers, the Fiscal Responsibility Index arms voters with the truth and empowers them to take action.

Despite the fact that the Fiscal Responsibility Index is complete, our work at Empower Texans isn’t over. In fact, we’re ramping up efforts to reach as many Texans as possible with the information. But we need your help to do so.

Would you be willing to make a gift today to ensure Texans know the truth about their legislators?

Our goal is to raise $75,000 in the next two weeks. These funds will help us reach over 200,000 additional Texans with the Fiscal Responsibility Index through mail, digital communications, and events across the state.

We realize the ask is big, but we simply cannot miss the opportunity to engage more Texans.

For the Lone Star State to remain a beacon of liberty and self-governance we must have an informed and engaged citizenry; providing voters with the Fiscal Responsibility Index is a big step in ensuring we do.

Michael Quinn Sullivan

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