Economist Shannon Ferrell Describes the Source from which the WOTUS Rule’s Confusion Flows

This past week, roughly 120 agricultural and government leaders met in Oklahoma City for a listening session hosted by Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, as he continues to gather information on how to best rewrite the current form of the Waters of the United States rule, or WOTUS, implemented by the Obama-era EPA back in 2015. OSU Ag Law Specialist Dr. Shannon Ferrell, who offered comments to Pruitt, explained to me, what he believes to be at the root of the problem with the original version of the controversial rule and his thoughts on what Pruitt may include in his revision.

Now- we featured our interview with Ferrell in yesterday’s email- but we then used some of his key comments in the Tuesday Beef Buzz audio report which can be heard on radio stations across our region in Oklahoma, as well as in Missouri, Kansas, Texas and New Mexico. Click or tap here to jump over to our Beef buzz treatment of his comments on WOTUS.

What I thought was really interesting was the response we got in basically rewriting this story- done by our Associate Carson Horn- and this time using Shannon’s name in the title of the story.

We got lots of BUZZ on Twitter- ten people or entities either liked or retweeted (or both) the story the second time around.

In touting the report- Tiffany Dowell Lashmat, who is an Ag Law Extension Specialist at Texas A&M Agrilife said on Twitter “@shanferrell is big time…offering advice to the EPA on re-writing #WOTUS. No better advocate for agriculture!”

I would agree with Tiffany, who by the way is an Alum of OSU. And this redo of our conversation with Shannon shows me that it can be a really good idea to let people know up front who is making the comments- and if they are well regarded- then that becomes your biggest selling point in generating interest and having others help you spread the word about agriculture.

I appreciate those of you that follow us on Twitter- our handle is Ron_on_RON.

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