Catfish Served Family Style in Waurika

Catfish Served Family Style in Waurika by Kalli

As much as I try, I am not a fisherman. My little brother loves to go fishing, but sadly I do not have the fishing talent gene. That doesn’t keep me from loving to eat fish, one of my favorite foods!

For this Flavors of Chickasaw Country, the thought of traveling to Waurika, Oklahoma a few weeks ago to explore Bill’s Fish House and eat catfish had me excited! Everyone I talked to who had been to restaurant, raved and raved about how good the food is. And let me tell you, they were right!

Bill’s Fish House opened 55 years ago and has been owned by one family since then! Jeri Mays grew up helping her grandparents at the restaurant as a teenager, and she took over the restaurant in the late 1960s. She has served three generations of customers in her restaurant overlooking the Red River. Jeri also pays tribute of the success of Bill’s to the community of Waurika.

When I arrived, I chatted with Jeri about life in Waurika and all about her transition into owning Bill’s Fish House. It wasn’t long before Jeri brought out a plate full of fish, steak fingers, fries, calf fries, frog legs and hush puppies! This plate was much larger than my head, let’s just say when I left, I was feeling fat and happy! Want to learn more about Bill’s Fish House? Watch this video! Trust me, your mouth will be watering after watching.

Wasn’t that fun! I’m ready to go back!

If you’re looking for great food and a fun, family atmosphere, I suggest taking a trip to Waurika to Bill’s Fish House. Take a photo when you’re there and share on social media with the #routecc hashtag!

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