Texas Scorecard

Texas Scorecard

Someone’s always keeping score… we think it ought to be the taxpayers.
June 25, 2017

The 85th Texas Legislature’s regular session ended with the disappointment of seeing yet another session go by where the leadership of the Texas House wantonly disregarded the conservative reforms a majority of Texans have demanded.
This year the House obstructionists have been given a second chance to do the right thing.
Gov. Greg Abbott has called a special session and has given the legislature a robust, conservative agenda to pass. Gov. Abbott’s call also gives you another chance.

You now have a second chance to see who your elected officials truly are when they are no longer trying to win your vote.
Accountability Season has already begun and the special session gives you more evidence as to whether your lawmaker heads to Austin with the intent of fighting for the taxpayer, or is simply there to cozy up to the Austin cronies.
As accountability season heats up, there is no better time to become a leader in your community. Now is the time to build a better informed, more engaged community that will lead to a better Texas.
This is why we created the Texas Torchbearers initiative. Already Texans from every corner of the state have joined and are leading by example in their community by exposing what those in power would rather leave hidden.

But they need help. They need you.

For those Texans willing to be Torchbearers, we provide tools and services to help them lead others in more effective public engagement on the ideas of liberty. We only ask that Torchbearers commit to shining the bright light of liberty in their communities.

So… Are you ready to carry the torch of liberty in your community?
If you are, the result will be a more brightly shining Lone Star State.
For Texas!

Jose Melendez
Partner Relations Associate, Empower Texans

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