God welcomed back to D.C., says Land

An evangelical leader says the feeling among Christian leaders attending Donald Trump’s inaugural festivities is that God hasn’t given up on the United States.

“We didn’t dodge a bullet. We dodged an atomic bomb,” Dr. Richard Land says of the Nov. 8 election that put Donald Trump in the White House.

During the presidential campaign, Land served on an advisory board of evangelicals that was repeatedly called on for advice as Trump sought to woo conservative evangelical voters.

What was your reaction to the prayers offered up at Donald Trump’s inauguration? (Choose all that apply)

Land said in recent weeks that he and other conservatives “have been pinching ourselves” at the ongoing outreach from the Trump administration.

Trump frustrated evangelicals during the campaign with his lack of biblical knowledge and crude statements, but Evangelicals voted for him 80-16 over Hillary Clinton, outpacing their support for past GOP candidates.

Land tells OneNewsNow that the prayers offered during Trump’s inauguration were “unabashedly strong” and “overtly Christian.”

He says he particularly appreciated that Franklin Graham quoted from the second Chapter of First Timothy, when Paul instructed Timothy to pray for those in authority and attempt to live in peace with them.

The verse further states that “there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all people.”

“And of course what Franklin Graham did is presented the gospel. That’s the gospel right there,” Land says of the Bible verses.

“And I thought Mr. Trump saying we are protected by our great military and by God – I’m sure the politically correct are looking for the smelling sauce at this point in time,” he adds.

OneNewsNow reported on the morning of Inauguration Day that Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress preached about Nehemiah to Trump’s family and guests at an annual church service at St. John’s Episcopal Church.

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