Leaving a Legacy for Generations

Leaving a Legacy for Generations

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While exploring the West, one mustn’t fail to mention the CS Cattle Company. Founded in 1873 by Frank Springer, this 130,000-acre ranch straddles the Cimarron cutoff of the old Santa Fe Trail. Springer’s grandson, Les Davis, took over the CS Ranch management in 1947 and married a well-respected woman of the West, Linda Davis. Since his passing in 2001, Linda has remained on the same land that shaped her admiration and appreciation of the West.

“I was raised in New Mexico and I’m a fourth generation rancher,” said Linda. “I love the part of the country I’m in and I love the people. I think it’s the history and the strong honesty, credibility, work ethic, and preservation of our land that we’ve taken on as our responsibility.”

Like many families in the West, Linda truly embodies the region’s vibrant history and rich culture. The Davises dedicated their lives to their family, the CS Ranch, and the livestock industry. Their success was recognized when both were inducted into the Hall of Great Westerners during the Western Heritage Awards at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Since Les’ passing in 2001, Linda remains active in ranch operations, family life, and as an active Board Member at the National Cowboy Museum.

As many know, planning for the future helps people achieve their maximum potential and can change the trajectory of generations to follow. As Linda said, “It’s wanting our grandchildren to realize what the heritage of the West is and what it signifies and I feel that we have a responsibility to fulfill the dreams for future generations.”


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