5 steps President Trump Can Take to Advance Religious Freedom

During his campaign, candidate Donald Trump spoke out against the disturbing growth of government hostility to religion. Now President-elect Trump has assembled a transition team who can prepare a new administration with the potential to curb much of that hostility. But on January 20, when President Trump concludes the oath


Pilgrims, Patrick Henry . . . and You

Today we walk in the footsteps of pilgrims and patriots from the past—and in the presence of heroes in the here-and-now.November 22, 2016

“Give me liberty or give me death!” was the challenge issued by founder Patrick Henry to his fellow Virginians at the dawn of the American Revolution. But in that phrase he spoke for Americans of all eras and all regions—from the Pilgrims of 1620’s New England to our day, in


3 REASONS Why Religious Freedom is the Key to America’s Future

When someone asks, “Why does America need to protect religious freedom?” here are three things you can tell them.November 18, 2016

Studies show that religious freedom gives Americans of all religions—and even those who have no religion—benefits that include: A stronger economy Happier families A safer society Without religious liberty, you don’t have religious influence, and without religious influence, America doesn’t reap these benefits. This is the finding of modern economists,


Township Won’t Allow Christian School . . . in a Church Building!

First Liberty steps in to represent Livingston Christian School in its appeal to a federal court. The school’s existence in its town is at risk.November 18, 2016

It should be a simple decision. A Christian school is doing good work preparing children to be productive citizens in its town. The school’s former facility is no longer viable so it finds a new home in a church. This is vital, because the school may not have any other


Veterans Fought to Protect Our Freedom. Now We Must Fight to Protect Theirs

Our veterans have sacrificed more than most will ever know, but their most fundamental freedom is under attack. Some veterans share their thoughts in these videos.November 11, 2016

Our veterans have sacrificed more than most will ever know. But sometimes, our veterans need us to fight for them. For years, they’ve fought for the freedoms that make America what it is. But now, many veterans and service members are facing a different kind of hardship — the loss


An Appeal for Action: What the Election Can Mean for Your Religious Liberty

The results of the election are now known: Donald Trump won the presidency. The Senate and House will tilt conservative. But what does this mean for religious freedom?November 11, 2016

The results of the election are now known: Donald Trump won the presidency. The Senate and House will tilt conservative. “But what does this mean for religious freedom?” I’ve been asked. GOOD NEWS, BUT . . . The good news is that a difficult legal environment will likely give way

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