Rush Limbaugh Says After Dallas, Liberals Always Blame The Wrong Thing

Rush Limbaugh called out the political left for doing what they always do after a mass shooting: Blame guns and not the people who use them or the beliefs they hold.

“Could we logically conclude that, if the shooter votes, he votes Democrat? If he votes, can we assume… based on 93 percent of the African-American vote goes to the Democrat candidate every four years, can we assume, if he votes, he’s a Democrat? I’m not going any further than that,” said Limbaugh.

The talk show host said he just wanted to establish the premise that the left does not acknowledge the true issue of what motivates people to commit violent acts — unless it fits their narrative.

“When al-Qaeda, when ISIS, when militant Jihadists, when militant Islamists create and perform domestic terrorism, what do the Democrats do? They blame the gun,” he said.

“When Micah X. Johnson commits a massacre of police officers in Dallas, who gets blamed? Conservatives. Republicans. Donald Trump, for crying out loud! Jesse Jackson and any other number of civil rights activists pop straight up and blame Donald Trump — who just happens to be the presumptive Republican nominee. Other than that, what in the name of Sam Hill does Donald Trump have to do with any of this? Absolutely nothing!” argued Limbaugh.

As reported by Western Journalism, according to Dallas Police Chief David Brown, Johnson stated his motivation: He wanted to “kill white people, especially white police officers” in response to the deaths of black people by police.

“Did they try to find out if he’s a member of the new Black Panthers?” the conservative pundit asked of the media. “I guarantee you they didn’t.”

According to the Independent Journal, Johnson’s Facebook cover photo was an image of a fist with “Black Power” written above it. He also recently liked the African American Defense League’s Facebook page, which calls for the killing of police officers.

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