three innovative ideas for lower cost college

Moments before the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education met this morning to discuss tuition hikes, OCPA, along with the 1889 Institute, Americans for Prosperity Foundation-Oklahoma, and former Gov. Frank Keating, unveiled three innovative ideas for lower cost college.1. Provide 40 hours of low-tuition general education. The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education should create and run an “Oklahoma Freshman Academy” to provide Oklahoma residents low-cost general education courses that can be transferred and count toward a degree offered by an Oklahoma public college or university.

2. Make use of the opportunities available with Western Governors University (WGU). At as little as $4,000 per year, WGU’s tuition is substantially lower than in-state tuition at Oklahoma’s public regional universities. It’s so much cheaper, in fact, that the state could pay a student’s full tuition and still save thousands annually.

3. Create a $10K bachelor’s degree. Mostly built on cooperative agreements with community colleges and scholarships, Texas universities have created $10,000 bachelor’s degree programs. Oklahoma could quickly create such a program by combining a Freshman Academy with WGU.

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Brandon Dutcher
Senior Vice President

Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs


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