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Meinders School of Business is reducing tuition for our Master’s degree programs in energy by 37%, from $936 to $590 per credit hour!


We understand the financial struggles due to the commodity price volatility of the industry. Given the energy industry’s response to the downturn, with layoffs, cutbacks and even some reorganization filings, it’s appropriate to restructure the price of tuition to assist current and prospective students.


If you are in the energy industry, now is the time to focus on a differentiator; that is, something that will separate you from other candidates, particularly given that over the next 10 years many of the existing executives in the C-suite will be retiring. A master’s degree from Oklahoma City University in Energy Management or Energy Legal Studies could be the difference.


Over the last four years, every CEO that has spoken to my energy students reinforces the importance of continuing education, and every energy CEO in Oklahoma City knows the value of a Meinders School of Business master’s degree in energy.


For more information about our energy programs, contact Meredith Wegener, director of energy programs atmwegener@okcu.edu or 405-208-5593; or plan to come to our program lunch and learn at the Ron Norick Library on July 12th.  Visit the link for more information about registering for the lunch here. You can also visit our websitewww.okcu.edu/business/graduate for more information about our programs.


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